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The use of smartphones has created a need to develop mobile apps. In addition, the growing competitive market for mobile app development has created numerous frameworks that allow building applications faster and more efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for private use or business purposes hiring a development firm is expensive.

However, most people cannot afford it. Building your own application using mobile application development software is now possible. There is no need for prior experience in coding or massive expenditures.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top open-source mobile app development software’s.

Top 7 Open-Source Mobile App Development Softwares:


This is a portable UI tool that Google supports. It allows the development of native web, mobile, and desktop apps using the same code base.

The Flutter codebase is written using Dart, C, and C++ and employs its Skia Graphics two-dimensional rendering engine to create images that are similar in appearance to the original Material Design and Cupertino-style widgets.

mobile app development

Flutter also enjoys the backing of a vast community that allows the creation of plugins with channels that can be utilized by any developer new to the field.


  • Include all critical platform differences, including scrolling, navigation icons, fonts, and navigation.
  • Fully-customizable widgets that can facilitate the rapid development of native applications.
  • Creates plugins with channels that any developer can easily use.
  • You can read our review if you’d like to learn more details regarding Flutter and its strengths and weak points.


It is a powerful tool for creating native mobile apps for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. It uses various layers of logic for business, as well as access to data across platforms.

This program uses a common codebase for building applications for any operating system. Xamarin Component Store includes user interface controls, cross-platform libraries, and a third-party library. However, the specifics of the system allow users to utilize the features only available on specific platforms.


  • Features a real-time testing module that monitors and catches errors in the app whenever they occur.
  • Easy integration with the latest backend services components, native APIs, and others.
  • It allows you to create unique user interfaces that cross platforms.


This tool allows you to create applications using fewer lines of code. It can support HTML5 programs for iOS, Android, Windows, and browsers.

Appcelerator can also speed up the process of creating mobile apps and lets developers build applications that work with all operating systems supported. Additionally, the global support deployments are also supported across several regions.


  • Provides complete and direct accessibility for iOS and Android APIs using JavaScript.
  • Gives you a quick overview of the modifications being made to the preview window.
  • Its cloud capacity gives mobile-optimized access to any information source.


PhoneGap can be described as a mobile app development environment that is part of the framework category that supports the cross-platform development of applications. It allows you to create a single app compatible with every mobile device. The tool can integrate with different libraries to facilitate application development. It also allows the management and monitoring of modifications with ease.

PhoneGap also offers the advantages of the plugin design outlined by Cordova, which expands its functionality and gives access to the device’s file system along with a microphone and an accelerometer.


  • It can easily integrate with other libraries to develop the application.
  • Lets you view and make any changes to the application using PhoneGap.
  • Works on several operating systems, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows.


Open-Source Mobile App development software, Ionic. It is another top open-source, free mobile app development tool, mainly used to create hybrid applications. The best part is that it lets users develop applications for platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web, using one codebase.

Additionally, it provides user-friendly UI components that speed up the development of apps. Additionally, it can be used virtually everywhere. Ionic has more than 120 native features on the device, predefined elements, and a vast NYC App developer community.


  • Includes interactive paradigms, typography, mobile components, and a flexible base theme.
  • Written with JavaScript, the program is covered under the MIT license.
  • Allows Cordova to build apps based on Cordova.


This app builder lets users create any mobile application. Developers can develop applications for education, business entertainment, healthcare, and more. The software aids in the development of more advanced features, which allow for updating online content and the ability to customize every aspect of the application.


  • Integrate third-party software into your application.
  • Allows you to launch applications on platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, etc.
  • You can create your own POIs for online maps.

Build fire:

Another excellent choice in mobile software for app development is Build a fire. It comes with a wide range of tools to create apps that work on Android and iOS. It is famous for its custom development capabilities and intuitive, easy DIY platform.

Additionally, it includes more than 10,000 different apps and can scale quickly when your business begins to expand. It’s not difficult to appreciate the simple and efficient drag-and-drop interface which helps you build an app soon.


  • Allows you to create customized functionality using the developer SDK.
  • Provide an interactive and intuitive application builder where no programming is needed.
  • It is possible to combine it with any API from a third party or already-built integrations.


The Fargo app is a no-cost mobile app development tool that supports applications for various platforms such as iOS, Android, desktop (Windows and Linux), and many more. You can build an app that works on different operating platforms using a single source code base.

It was top of the list as the most time-saving framework, simple to learn, and most effective support system compared to other top 40 tools. In addition, it’s an excellent tool for developing games since it supports 3D-based objects.


  • Implements customized UI rendering to minimize the interactions between the native layer and the runtime.
  • Provides well-designed abstraction of concepts specific to platforms.
  • Allows for the creation of gaming and business apps.


A list of the frameworks available is extensive but not comprehensive. Each framework has its distinctive characteristics. The framework selection will depend on the application built on and the requirements. Take a look at all the features before making your choice.

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