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Marshall has just launched two new wireless headphones, the Motif ANC and the stripped Minor III. Both headphones are hm ehm, inspired by AirPods and AirPods Pro, with an almost identical design and feature set.

The new Motif ANC is the most remarkable addition to the Marshall line. As the name suggests, they support ANC and Transparency modes with adjustable intensity. Water resistance IPX5 protects the headphones from sweat or splashes, while wireless charging support saves you the hassle of finding a USB-C cable.

Like the AirPods Pro, the Motif ANC does not have the most amazing battery life. The headphones last 4.5 hours with the ANC switched on and can get 20 hours of additional playback time from the charging case. That’s enough to get you on a gym trip, but you may find that you charge your Motif ANC more often than you’d like. (On the plus side, the charging case is relatively small.)

The Marshall Minor III headphones are a stripped version of the Motif ANC. They lack all the luxurious features and instead focus on sound quality. Fortunately, the Minor III headphones support wireless charging and are IPX4 sweat resistant.

And it’s no surprise that the Minor III headphones have a battery life comparable to basic Apple AirPods models. With headphones, you get 5 hours of playing and with a charging case for another 20 hours.

The Marshall Motif ANC and Marshall Minor III headphones cost $ 200 and $ 130, respectively. Both are available on request, although Motif ANC buds will not be delivered until 30 September. Marshall also sells a set of silent Mode II headphones for $ 180. Mode II headphones do not support ANC, although they do have Transparency.

Why Razer’s new thimbles aren’t as stupid as they sound

If we’ve learned anything about Razer, it’s that the company isn’t afraid to be a little weird with its products. He just announced a set of mobile gaming thimbles, and while it may sound ridiculous, it’s not really a bad idea.

What are the new Razer thimbles?

These Razer Gaming finger sleeves are designed to go over your thumb or forefinger (which is in contact with the screen). They are designed to absorb sweat and allow your fingers to glide smoother on the screen when playing mobile games such as PUBG, Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile.

They are made of thin materials to allow your fingers to breathe while being absorbent enough to stay dry. They are also conductive, so they will work with the touch screen of any phone (think of those touch screen gloves, except that they are just at your fingertips).

Are they really that crazy?

That sounds ridiculous. Why would anyone need sleeves over their fingers to play games with smartphones, which are generally considered to be the most challenging games?

The answer is simple: smartphone games are not casual for all gamers. There is a growing scene where people take games like Call of Duty Mobile very seriously, and anything that can give them a competitive advantage is a big problem for these players.

If you’ve ever spent a serious amount of time playing a game on your phone, you’ve probably experienced the feeling that your finger doesn’t want to slide on the glass screen because there’s a little sweat on it. Wipe your finger and start playing again.

Now imagine that the same thing is happening, but you are entering a tournament where pride and maybe money are at stake. Use the screen to get the perfect shot, then grab your finger behind the screen and miss.

Assuming these thimbles work as advertised, you could have spent $ 10 (or less if you went for another brand) to prevent this from happening. This can be the difference between winning and losing.

Even if you don’t play at a high level, winning games is more fun than losing. If you can spend $ 10 per skin on your weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, you can probably drop $ 10 to play better.

For me, the Xbox Elite controller is a parallel to these thimbles. Players are more than willing to pay more than $ 200 per controller for a gaming advantage, so spending $ 10 to make your fingers work better doesn’t seem disproportionate if your gaming platform of choice is your smartphone and your fingers are your controller.

Finger covers also exist from other brands, so it’s not like it’s a brand new invention from Razer. A quick search on Amazon will show you some well-checked options. While many people act like Razer, it’s crazy to release this, the company isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

They probably aren’t for everyone, but they have a place

These aren’t for everyone, but if you play a lot of shooters or other fast-paced action games on your Android or iPhone, it’s worth a try.

Do you laugh when you wear them in public? Could be. But you’ll be the last laugh when you master your favorite game with smartphones.

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