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If you’re new to Discord and wondering why it’s not working sometimes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Discord is super cool, but it can have its off days. Let’s break it down in simple terms and give you the lowdown on what to do.

Why Discord face down time usually?

  1. Too Many People: Imagine if too many people tried to use Discord all at once. It’s like when too many friends want to use the same swing at the park. Discord’s servers might get crowded, and that can cause problems.
  2. Time for a Check-up: Just like you visit the doctor for a check-up, Discord needs maintenance too. Sometimes, it takes a little break to make sure it’s running smoothly.
  3. Bad Guys Online: Discord can sometimes get attacked by bad guys called DDoS attackers. They want to make it not work, but Discord fights them off!
  4. Your Internet: It’s not always Discord’s fault. Sometimes, your own internet or computer can be the troublemaker.
discord outage

What should I do in case of discord outage?

Okay, now you know why Discord might outage spike. But what can you do about it?

  • Check Discord’s Health
    • Discord has a webpage where it tells you if it’s feeling okay or not. You can find it here:
    • It’s like checking if your favorite playground is open.
  • Follow Discord on Twitter
    • Imagine if Discord had a big announcement like a cool new update or if it’s taking a nap. You can follow it on Twitter (@discord) to get all the news.
  • Ask Other Discord Friends
    • There are places on the internet where Discord friends talk, like Reddit’s r/discordapp. You can ask if others are having trouble too.
  • Use Helpers
    • Some websites and bots can check if Discord is working or not. They’re like little detectives. They can tell you if Discord is having a snooze.
  • Check Your Own Stuff
    • If Discord is okay but still not working for you, it might be your own internet or computer causing trouble. Try restarting your internet box or using another device.

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How can i check is Discord Down?

If Discord is taking a break, here’s what you can do:

  • Hang Out on Discord’s Hangout
    • Discord has its own place where you can chat and have fun, even when it’s having a nap. Join it here:
  • Offline Adventures
    • While Discord is resting, you can play games that don’t need the internet, read books, or watch your favorite shows.
  • Keep an Eye Out
    • Always watch Discord’s health page and Twitter for updates. They’ll tell you when it’s going to wake up and work again.
  • Tell Discord What’s Wrong
    • If you see a problem, let Discord know on its health page or the friends’ chat places. They’ll try to fix it faster.
  • Stay Cool
    • Remember, Discord wants to be awesome for you. Sometimes, it just needs a little nap. Be patient, and it will be back in no time.


Discord is like your fun hangout spot on the internet, but sometimes, it takes a break. Now you know why and what to do. Keep hanging out, keep having fun, and don’t worry when Discord needs a rest. It’ll be back, and you’ll have a blast! 😊

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