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If you’ve recently stopped sharing your Mac with others, consider deleting unused user accounts on your computer. We’ll show you how to securely delete user accounts on macOS.

Before we get started, make sure you have administrator rights on your Mac. To verify this, click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of your Mac desktop and open System Preferences.

How to delete user accounts on macOS

In macOS preferences, go to Users and Groups.

A list of all user accounts on your Mac appears. Your account will appear at the top of the left pane, and if you see “Administrator” under your username, you have administrator privileges.

If you don’t see this, you can sign in to another account with administrator privileges and go to the same “Users and Groups” page in System Preferences. Now click on the lock icon in the lower left corner of the window.

Enter the password for this administrator account. Click “Unlock” when you’re done. Allows you to make changes to user accounts.

To make your account an administrator, click your username in the left pane and select the “Allow user to manage this computer” checkbox. You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Once you’re sure it’s an administrator, switch back to your Mac account and return to the “Users and Groups” section in “System Preferences.” In the lower left corner of this window, click on the lock icon again, enter the password for the user account and click on the blue “Unlock” button.

To remove a user account from a Mac, select the appropriate username in the left pane, then click the “-” (minus) button in the “Login Options” section.

Now it’s time to decide if you want to keep some data associated with the outgoing user account. You can choose to keep your home folder as a disk image in your Mac’s “Users” folder. To do this, click “Save home folder to disk image”.

If you prefer not to touch the contents of this user account, you can select the “Do not change home folder” option. However, if you are sure you want to delete all data from this user account, you can select “Delete home folder”.

Once selected, click the blue “Delete User” button to complete the process.

The user is now removed from your Mac. If you also use Windows, you may want to know how to delete users in Windows.

If you’re concerned about data loss, you should try several ways to back up your Mac.

The Apple iOS 15 update , but here’s why you might be waiting to install it

This story is part of the Apple event , our full coverage of the latest news from Apple.

Another version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 15 , arrives on Monday, September 20. (Here’s how to download and install iOS 15 when it appears.) Apple unveiled a date during a launch event earlier this week, at which technology giant also included the iPhone 13 , new iPads and the Apple Watch Series 7 .

While the new software for iPhones (and iPadOS for iPads) is packed with brand new features as an option for Android FaceTime owners , store your driver’s license in your digital wallet and some major Apple Maps upgrades , please wait a week or two extra Install iOS 15 .

Of course, you can switch directly to the new operating system and play with all the new features as they become available. That’s the fun thing, isn’t it? However, there are several good reasons that may prevent you from clicking the Refresh button when it appears.

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Why iOS 15 won’t be perfect at startup

The beta version of each iOS version is designed to help developers identify and fix bugs before the operating system becomes generally available. However, some bugs are likely to run until the launch version. Check out last year’s general release of iOS 14, which returned users’ default browsers and email applications every time they restarted their devices, including bugs .

Such bugs and issues appeared in the beta versions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 and may still be an issue in the original general release. And even if these issues don’t completely prevent you from using your iPhone or iPad, the errors are likely to still be annoying and annoying.

Based on our experience testing the beta version of iOS 15, the third version was worse than the previous one. The applications kept crashing for no reason, and the keyboard on the iPad Pro accidentally stopped working. Apple’s development team has probably discovered and fixed most of these bugs. But if you download Day 1, you’ll become a live beta tester.

How long should I wait before downloading iOS 15?

Returning to the iOS 14 example, the default application issue was resolved a week later. This is the window to look for: wait a week, maybe two if you want to be very careful, and then download a new iOS. Until then, most of the initial errors in the overall operating system and individual applications should be resolved.

But don’t wait too long

While caution can help you avoid headaches, don’t be too careful. Delaying operating system updates too long can also expose you to vulnerabilities. All operating system updates related to vulnerabilities, such as iOS 14.8 released earlier this week , are important to install as soon as possible to keep your device safe.

Starting a new operating system, such as iOS 15, rarely falls into this category, but it is an important resolution. Whenever you decide to upgrade to iOS 15, first make sure your device is ready . It’s hard to go back to a previous operating system , but it’s possible.

For more information on the iPhone 13 event, see all Apple has announced and why the biggest features of the iPhone 13 are commercial offerings .

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