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 In this article we tell you some easy ways to take and crop a screenshot on MacBook pro. As you know mac book is one of the most selling devices of all time and people want to learn how to take and crop a screenshot on mac.

It’s to easy we explain it to you in step by step we tell you where the screenshot option is place in the MacBook and also teach you to take and crop a screenshot by using third party tool. first, you should have some information about mac OS which is given below

What Does Macintosh Operating System /Mac OS Mean?

The Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) is a functioning structure (OS) arranged by Apple Inc. to be presented and chipped away at the Apple Macintosh series of PCs. Introduced in 1984, it is a graphical UI (GUI) based OS that has since been conveyed as different structures.

From the get go, Mac OS was known as System Software. Mac OS is considered to be the pioneer of GUI based working systems, as it was dispatched when MS-DOS was the business standard.

How to crop a screenshot on mac : Ultimate guide in 3 steps

Mac OS is an absolutely talented OS that gives helpfulness and organizations like Windows or Linux OS. A piece of the code base and components of Lisa OS have been participated in Mac OS.

Mac OS is planned to deal with Apple created PCs and as per usual, doesn’t maintain x86 designing. Beginning at 2012, Mac OS conveyed a couple of variations, including Macintosh 128k, Mac OS 7, Mac OS X and Mac Mountain Lion

Cropping a screenshot:

cropping a screenshot or a picture gives you more clear and focused result . cropping a screenshot will assist you to crop good size and spotlights to the part of the screen shot that actually matters. Do you have a most loved method of cropping your screen shots on Mac? Share it with us in the remarks.

How to crop a screenshot on mac?

Simply, when you need to take a screen shot on your Mac, you’d use hotkeys or console alternate ways, for example,

Order + Shift + 3 to catch a full screen shot

Order + Shift + 4 to catch a part of your screen

  1. Whenever you’ve taken your screen shot, you can tap on the thumbnail that shows up on the base right half of your screen to alter the picture.
  2. Then, select the Crop tool.
  3. Drag the harvest handles of the screen shot that you want to crop on mac to make a choice of the space you need to keep.
  4. Select done to save the managed part of the screen shot.
  5. Then again, you can sit tight for the screen capture to show up on your work area, open it and afterward drag the cursor to choose the region you need to keep.
  6. Then, select Tools > Crop.
  7. Select File > Save to save the screen capture.

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Step by step instructions to Use Preview to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

You can utilize the Preview application for basic survey of picture records like JPG and PNG, different archives, and altering PDFs. The application has a few altering and markup highlights, including an editing instrument. In case you’ve taken a screenshot or you got one that you can’t open in a photograph altering application, you can utilize Preview to crop the screen shot

How to Take Screenshot on mac? Ultimate Guide
  1. Open the screen shot you need to edit in Preview and afterward select Show Markup Toolbar button. (On a Mac running Big Sur, it’s the button with the pencil tip symbol while on other macOS variants, it’s the button with the tool stash symbol).
  2. Snap and drag on the screen shot to make a choice and drag the blue spots to resize it according to your need.
  3. Then, select Tools > Crop to trim the screen shot.

Instructions to Use Photos App to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

The Photos application on your Mac assists you with finding and arrange all your photographs, however it additionally has instinctive, worked in altering apparatuses you can use to resize, crop, zoom, GIF, twist and even montage your photographs.

  1. Right-click the screen shot and select open with.
  2. Then, select Photos. On the off chance that you don’t see Photos among the rundown of applications in the setting menu, select Open with > other and observe Photos from the Applications list.
  3. Your screen capture will be brought into the Photos application.
  4. Select Edit at the top right side of the Photos app.
  5. Then, select the Crop tab.
  6. Drag the sides and harvest handles of the picture to trim it.
  7. In the event that there are any progressions you’d prefer to fix, select Revert to Original at the upper left side.
  8. Select done to save the edited screen shot

Step by step instructions to Crop a Screenshot on Mac Using Third-Party Tools

If You like utilize outsider apparatuses like “Skitch” for Mac to crop screen shots on a Mac. For this purpose, we’ll tell you the best way to utilize Skitch for Mac to crop your screen shots.

Skitch is a straightforward application that can without much effort your Mac’s own implicit screen shots capacities. You can perform essential cropping and comment on your screen shot with shapes, message, bolts and stamps.

  1. Download and introduce Skitch for Mac, select the bolt close to Screen Snap and afterward select Open a picture or PDF.
  2. Select the Crop apparatus on the left sheet, drag the harvest handles of the picture to crop it and select Apply.
  3. Then, select File > Export and save your screen shot in the ideal area.


In This article there are three different ways to crop a screenshot on a mac its important to crop unnecessary part of the screen shot to focus on what matters. With the help of crop option you can also resize the image according to your need and achieve the wanted screen shot part without any garbage or trash material.

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