How to create a playlist on Spotify

As with other music streaming services, you can create a playlist on Spotify and save all your favorite songs to it. We’ll show you how to do this in web versions of Spotify for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Create a playlist in Spotify on your desktop

Web, Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Spotify work almost the same, so you can do the same when creating a playlist.

To get started, launch Spotify or a desktop application for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Log in to your account if you are not already.

In Spotify, click “Create a playlist” in the sidebar on the left.

In the right pane, you’ll see a large “My Playlist” heading. Click on this header to name your playlist.

The “Edit details” window opens. In this window, click on the “Name” field at the top and enter a name for the playlist.

Then optionally add a description to your playlist by clicking on the “Description” field. Add an image to your playlist by clicking on the image icon to the left of the “Description” field.

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Finally, click “Save” at the bottom of the “Edit Details” window. This saves your newly created playlist.

You can now start adding songs to your new playlist. To do this, select your newly created playlist from the sidebar on the left side of the Spotify interface. In the right pane, click the “Let’s find something for your playlist” box and enter the name of the song you want to add to the playlist.

In the search results, find the song you want to add to your playlist. Then click ‘Add’ next to the song title.

And Spotify will add the selected song to your playlist. Repeat this procedure to add all your favorite songs to the playlist.

Create a playlist for iPhone, iPad and Android in Spotify

You can use Spotify to create and manage playlists on a handheld device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Start by opening Spotify on your phone. If you haven’t already done so, log in to your Spotify account.

In Spotify, select “Your Library” in the bar at the bottom.

On the “Your Library” screen that opens, click the “+” (plus) sign in the upper right corner.

The “Name your playlist” screen opens. Enter a name for the playlist here, then tap “Create.”

The page of your playlist opens. Click “Add songs” in the middle to add music to your playlist.

Spotify opens the “Add Songs” screen. On this screen, tap the “Search” box at the top and enter the name of the song you want to add to the playlist. Feel free to look in the “Suggested” list to find the right songs for your playlist.

Find your number in search results. Then tap the plus sign (+) next to the song title.

The message “Added to playlist” (where “Playlist” is the name of the newly created playlist) appears at the bottom of Spotify. This means that the selected song has been successfully added to your playlist.

So you create a Spotify playlist and add all your favorite songs to it.

Edit your Spotify playlist

You can edit Spotify playlists and add or remove songs from them. It’s basically the same process, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a cell phone.

To add a song to your playlist, search for it on Spotify. Then click the three dots next to the song title and select Add to Playlist> My Playlist (where “My Playlist” is the name of the playlist to which you want to add songs).

Delete the Spotify playlist

If you no longer need the Spotify playlist, you can delete it from your account.

To do this in Spotify for Web, Windows, Mac or Linux, run Spotify. Open the playlist, click on the three dots in the same row where you have the green play button, and select “Delete”. Then select “Delete” when prompted.

To delete a playlist in the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, or Android, tap “Your library” in the app. Press and hold a playlist to delete it and select ‘Delete playlist’. When prompted, click “Delete” and your playlist will disappear.

And you have everything ready.

It’s too much trouble finding your favorite songs by hand every time you want to listen to them. Fortunately, Spotify playlists allow you to combine all your favorite music tracks and keep them. Have fun listening!

Did you know that you can share your Spotify playlists with your friends or the world? Let others find your musical taste with this feature!

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