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The upcoming release of Halo Infinite only boosted demand for the ever-selling Xbox Series X, and the new limited edition Halo Infinite Series X was no exception and quickly sold out after pre-orders opened. 

Unfortunately, if you weren’t able to secure an early order for the $ 550 Halo Infinite Xbox Series X package, you may not have a chance. An Xbox spokesman told CNET: “Due to high demand, all of these pre-orders are selling out very quickly. 

Contact your preferred reseller for more information and availability. ”The official Xbox account answers GameStop and Amazon customer questions with a similar message.

Given that some stores – Best Buy and Amazon – have never opened pre-orders for this package, it is not clear whether the shares will eventually be available before launch. Both stores currently have temporary records. 

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We may be able to see pre-orders closer to the November 25 release date, but it looks like stocks are running low for now. Nevertheless, it is worth watching the offers in the event of an unexpected decline.

The new limited-edition Xbox Series X features a stunning Halo Infinite design and comes with a matching controller and digital copy of the game. Although the console package will be released on November 25, Halo Infinite itself will be available on December 8.

We will continue to monitor the availability of the new limited edition Xbox Series X package. In the meantime, there is the current status of console package pre-orders.

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite pre-orders

There is an offer on Amazon for the Xbox Series X Halo Bundle, but pre-orders have not been released yet. It is not clear at this time whether Amazon will have the package in stock before launch.

A list of Xbox Halo Infinite Xbox Series packages is also available at Best Buy, but as with Amazon, we haven’t seen any pre-orders there yet. It is not clear whether Best Buy will open pre-orders for this console package before the release date.

GameStop added the Halo Xbox Series X package in advance on August 31 for PowerUp Rewards Pro members. It sold out fast, but you can check the current availability below.

The Walmart Xbox Series X Halo Infinite package grew to pre-order on August 25 and quickly sold out. Walmart generally announces its console accessories in advance, and if it does another round for the Halo Series X console, we will include this information here as soon as we have it.

Pre-orders launched (and sold out) at the Xbox Store on August 25, but you can check availability below.

Pre-orders were launched in Target on August 25 and quickly sold out. You can check the current availability below.

Scalper prices have already spiraled out of control, with bids on eBay for more than $ 1,000 for the Halo Xbox Series X package. yet it is a disappointing reality. As always, we recommend that you get a console package for the list price if you can.

In addition to the Xbox Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox Series X console, Microsoft is releasing the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Elite Series 2 driver on November 25.

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This gamepad has a different design than the one included in the console package; instead, it is green with a Master Chief design and an orange D-pad. The limited edition driver is exclusive to: GameStop and Microsoft Store .

Seagate and Razer have partnered with Microsoft to produce their own Halo-themed device. Seagate’s Halo Infinite Special Edition Xbox Game Drive offers a similar Master Chief design in Halo green and will be available in October for $ 100 (2 TB) or $ 160 (5 TB). 

Meanwhile, Razer has a new headset option for Xbox players with the Halo Infinite Edition Cairo Pro , which matches the design of the game disc and supports Xbox wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 for low-latency gaming. It sells for $ 170 and you can pre-order it now. Both products will be released in October.

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