The Apple iPhone 13 has arrived, and as usual carriers roll stores to the store to entice users to upgrade or change. This story is part of the Apple event , our full coverage of the latest news from Apple.

AT&T came out of the gate with the best deal of the season, essentially giving away the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini for a starting price that can go as low as “free” to a new and existing customer. And on Friday 1On September 7, Verizon effectively complied with the offer, while AT&T withdrew from the agreement and also released a free iPhone 13 (as well as $ 1,000 from the iPhone 13 Pro Max with qualified compilations).

In any case, there are a lot of warnings. It all depends on the phone you trade with, the wireless tariff you have, and the financing you choose.

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 are now available (and in some cases already back-ordered ). We have outlined the key details of the business offers of both carriers.

  • The agreement only applies to those who have an unlimited subscription and a 36-month repayment plan.
  • You must also have a eligible business that is in good and working order. The iPhone 11 and 12 series (and XS Max), as well as the latest phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, Google Pixel 5 and LG Wing, are among the phones that can get a full discount on the iPhone 13 Pro…
  • Phones that can get the iPhone 13 Mini for free include the iPhone X, XS and XR, Galaxy S10 series, Pixel 4 series and OnePlus 8 series. You can find out what your device is worth at AT&T, where you can buy.

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  • As with other carrier offers, you won’t get full value in advance because AT&T instead distributes a discount as a monthly credit for the next three years to keep you in its network. If you change operators or cancel the service prematurely, you are responsible for the remaining balance on the phone.
  • Current and new Verizon customers can get an iPhone 13 Pro (only 128 GB) with select stores – including damaged phones – on a “qualified” unlimited plan.
  • Eligible tariffs include Play More, Do More and Get More, as well as the older Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. Note: The line you are upgrading must be in one of these plans.
  • If you move your phone number from another carrier to Verizon and you can earn up to $ 500, “they will help you change carriers.”
  • As with the AT&T promotion, a trading credit (up to $ 1,000) is applied in monthly installments over a period of 24-30 months. If the eligibility conditions are no longer met, the promotional credits will expire.
  • The exact value will be adjusted according to the phone you buy and trade with. For the full $ 1,000 on the iPhone 13 Pro, you’ll need to replace the iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max.
  • The list is a bit wider if you want a $ 800 discount (for iPhone 13 for free) or a $ 700 discount (for iPhone 13 Mini). Eligible phones include the iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone X, 11, 12 Mini or 12. This class also includes many Android phones, including most Galaxy S phones (S9 or later), notes (note 10 or higher)) , Google Pixel (Pixel 4 or higher, including the 4A series), OnePlus 7 (or higher) and LG en (V50 or higher, Velvet 5G UW and Wing 5G UW).
  • If you don’t have a phone to trade, in theory you could buy an iPhone SE (2nd generation) or a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. Both phones sell for $ 400, and Verizon will give you a business value of up to $ 800 if you buy a new iPhone and meet all the other requirements above.
  • Verizon will accept broken phones, including phones with a broken display, but must not have a damaged battery. All trade-in devices must also have the “Find mine” feature turned off.

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