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Google Now has many tools to help you organize your day. You can create an interactive checklist for your morning or evening routine. It’s great for kids and works with smart screens and speakers.

Checklists are part of the “Family Bell” functions. An ordinary “Family Bell” is the only announcement at a specific time. Checklists take you to the next level by guiding you through the things on your list. You get a nice user interface on the smart display, but it also works only with audio speakers.

Open the “Google Home” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and click the “Profile” icon in the upper right corner.

Select “Assistant settings” from the menu.

Now you’ll see a long list of things to do with Google Now. Scroll down and select “Family.”

Scroll down to the “Family Bell Step-by-Step” tabs. Select “Add” for “Good morning!” Or “It’s almost asleep!” You can set them to turn off at any time, but the theme will be morning or evening.

You can enter your own notification message and select the time and days to start.

Then select the smart screens and speakers to which you want to send the checklist, and then click ‘Confirm’.

Finally, create the checklist items that you want to include. Use the handles to move the list and the trash can icon to delete items. Click “Add New Step” to create another.

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When the list looks good, click “Create a new balloon.”

When it is time for the Family Bell checklist to turn off, you will be greeted by a notification message. If you’re using a smart screen, you can double-tap items when you’re done. You can also use your voice to let Google know that you have completed something.

That is all. It’s a fun way to make sure you do it all. It’s especially useful for children and it’s so easy that they can handle it on their own. Feel free to let Google Now help you all day long.

You can view sports and TV schedules in your Outlook calendar

When is the next Denver Broncos game? Is the Office this week? You can get answers to these types of questions right from your calendar. View sports and TV schedules in your Outlook calendar on the web and on your mobile device.

Add schedules to your Outlook calendar on the Web

If you want to watch your favorite teams and TV shows, you can easily add them to your Outlook calendar on the web. Go to Outlook online, log in, and click the calendar icon on the left.

If the left pane is hidden, click the three vertical lines (also known as the hamburger icon) in the upper left corner to display it. Click “Add Calendar” below the monthly view calendar.

In the Add Calendar window, select the option on the left. We choose Sport for this procedure. Depending on your location, you may see suggestions for teams around you in the Sports section. But you can also choose a favorite league or watch them all.

If you look at all available sports, you will see everything from football to ice hockey, golf to tennis.

Choose a sport, select a league and then check the box for each team you want to watch.

If you select TV on the left, select the time zone, channel and check the box for each TV program.

Note: During our testing, we were unable to watch TV shows on our Outlook calendar. Microsoft states that “this feature is not available in all countries.”

When you’re done, close the Add Calendar window by clicking the X in the upper right corner. In the left pane, you should then see sports or TV schedules added to My Calendar and events on your calendar.

To show calendars, uncheck and hide them. Click the three dots to rename the calendar, change its color, add a spell, or move it in the list.

Click on an event (game, match or broadcast) in the calendar to see more details. When the small event window opens, you can click the Show Event arrow at the top right to see more options.

Add schedules to your Outlook calendar in your mobile app

When you add sports and TV shows to your Outlook calendar on the Web, they’re synced to your mobile device. But if you have a phone or tablet at hand, you can also add it to your mobile app. This process is the same for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Open Outlook and click the tab at the top left to open the menu. Select “Settings” and then “Interesting calendars”. If you have more than one, click your email address at the top and select another account.

Just like on the internet, you can choose from sports or television. If you select Sport, select a sport, select a league, and click to add a team.

If you select TV, select a time zone, select a channel, and tap to add a show.

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Click the back arrows to exit the setting and Xs to exit the setting.

Open the menu and select a scheme to hide or change its color. Uncheck to hide the scheme, check to show it, and click the gear icon to adjust the color.

Whether you like football, baseball, game shows, or sitcoms, you can add your favorites to your Outlook calendar to keep track. And you can follow your sports team’s schedule on Google Calendar!

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