When you insert a removable disk or memory card, you want to disable autoplay in windows 11. Because autoplay asks you how you want Windows to open the disk or play the media. Here’s how to disable or change the behavior of AutoPlay.

First, open Windows Settings by pressing Windws + i on your keyboard. Or you can right-click the Start button and select “Settings” from the list that appears.

When Settings opens, click on “Bluetooth and Devices” in the sidebar and then select “AutoPlay”.

In the AutoPlay settings, you can configure how AutoPlay works or disable it altogether. To disable autoplay, toggle the switch in the “Use autoplay for all media and devices” section to “Off.”

If you don’t mind using AutoPlay, but want to change the way it handles removable drives and memory cards, go to the “Choose AutoPlay standards” section, which has two drop-down menus.

If you click on the menu in the “Removable Disk” section, you’ll see the following options (and possibly more, depending on what programs you have installed).

  • Configure storage settings (Settings): This takes you to the storage settings in Windows Settings.
  • Do nothing: This means that after connecting a disc, nothing happens in connection with autoplay, but you can still find it in File Explorer as usual.
  • Open file folder (Explorer): This will automatically open the removable drive you just mounted in the File Explorer window.
  • Ask me every time: A menu will appear asking how you want to handle the newly connected drive.

Choose the option that suits you best.

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The “Memory card” drop-down menu appears immediately below this. When you click on it, you will see the following options (and possibly others, depending on which applications are installed):

configure enable windows11 autoplay
  • Import photos and videos (photos): This automatically copies and imports photos and videos stored on your memory card to your Windows 11 Photos library.
  • Import photos and videos (OneDrive): This copies photos and videos from the memory card to the OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Playback (Windows Media Player): Automatically plays media files that Windows finds on a memory card in Windows Media Player.
  • Do nothing: AutoPlay is not activated when you insert a memory card.
  • Open file folder (Explorer): Files stored on the memory card are displayed in the Explorer window.
  • Ask me every time: Each time you insert it, you will be asked how you want to use the memory card.

Choose the option that suits your personal preferences.

When you’re done, close Settings, and the next time you insert a memory card or connect a removable drive, AutoPlay will respond as you configured it. If you ever need to re-enable AutoPlay or adjust settings, simply open Settings and go back to Bluetooth Devices> AutoPlay. Good luck!

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