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Take a look around yourself you will notice the big headphones. A person usually wears them for several hours at a time, might be a gamer. And all our moms warn us not to listen to our big headphones loudly.

What are Big Headphones?

Big headphones ears covering headset, which purely fits your ears. You can enjoy a pleasant listening experience. They might have active noise cancelation technology, which will enhance your focus on the internal sound of your headphones.

Of course, my mother is right. It turns out that loud music damages hearing, but you won’t feel any visible effect until it’s too late. Continuous noise affects the ears. 

  1. But how bad is it really that we hear all day?
  2. How much should you care about your ears?
  3. Can headphones cause deafness?

Of course.

Big Headphones wireless & Noice Cancelation Pros & Cons

I am Samantha & Dr. of the Department of Otolaryngology specialization in pediatrics. You can risk your ears listening to music and podcasts all day long. And hearing loss is not reversible. 

If you have been exposed to noise and become deaf, it is irreversible. You won’t be normal again.

I called Dr. John Ogarai, who presides over USC at the ENT, to learn more about how we are all deafening our hearing. 

That is, it can damage sensory hair cells in the inner ear or damage nerves. Nerves that carry sound from hair cells to the brain. Hearing the sound to dies, and to our knowledge, it does not play.

Hearing often develops slowly and subtly, so you don’t even know it damages your hearing.

Doctors often suggest hearing tests to set standards, but recent hearing tests are unlikely to be taken, not receiving it. The only obvious sign of damage is after Tinnitus.

It’s not good because it means that your hearing is severely damaged. Ringtones are very frustrating. Because we like it, we can destroy our baby’s ear hair and possibly damage our nerve endings.

It’s fantastic. But is it a bad sound for all of us? 

Can’t you do that?

If you’re listening to loud sounds, you can hear them for a short time, or if you’re listening to medium-level sounds, you can listen to them longer.

He and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have some specific decibel recommendations. 

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For example, if you hear something at 85 decibels, you can listen to it safely for 8 hours. which isn’t bad, as it’s like 8 hours of garbage disposal, blender, and dishwasher. 

A Frequency of 95 decibels can only get you 4 hours of safe listening. It is a little bigger than a motorcycle 25 feet away. Imagine it’s sound for 4 hours which is unfeeling.

You’re least likely to hear a chainsaw that will be the best at 120 decibels. We are now aware that most of us are not thinking at the decibel level.

Admire it, but if you’re interested, some applications measure decibel-level output, but there are many more abstract ways to measure decibel-level output.

The general guidelines are to keep them at a comfortable level. I can’t hear it in the surrounding area.

And if you take it off and hear the sound or the sound is a little blurry, you will listen to slow sound and bass for a while, when coming out at a huge concert, absolute ear damage.

Of course, headphones can also affect this issue. Noise blocking, which blocks out ambient sounds due to the sealing produced by headphones, can help reduce the need for louder music.

A noise reduction function that electronically blocks external noise may play an important role. You can make a big difference between the two shots together.

When noise-canceling big headphones can help to reduce the decibel level you play. -Dr. Oghalai says, like Dr. Anne, cheap old earphones can be the worst. 

Earphones of the ear bowl type that can still hear outside sounds are probably my heart. Everyone agrees that noise-canceling helps, but not when using noise-canceling as an excuse to tweak everything and put up music.

By the way, I wanted to see how loud the music was.

So we were out into the world to see just how noisy New York City is. I used a sound level meter to detect the volume level outside and observe how to adjust the volume on my iPhone.

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We continued to test fair, noise-canceling, noise blocking, air pots, noise-canceling earphones, and on-ear big headphones. The subway was incredibly noisy every time there was a train, sometimes reaching up to 100 decibels, but not bad when there was no train.

The outside cities were, on the contrary, as noisy as when there was no subway, but sometimes a little bit noisy, like when an ambulance passed. And the office was always a little quiet.

Indeed, how all this had a good impact on enhancing my music. But wherever I was, all my headphones were sticking to a clear usage pattern. I don’t have to put my headphones and Airpods on top of my ears as always.

Noise-insulating headphones and noise-canceling headphones are very effective at blocking out external sounds, and I can reduce the volume than the other pair to balance sounds.

But even with these noise-canceling and noise-insulating headphones, the sound in the subway station was almost twice. That makes all the sense, but as doctors warn, it can easily be too much, especially in the case of headphones, to like at volume.


Big Headphones are fine, but be wise and careful about it. 

Dr. Oghalai thinks that the future may be bright when it comes to hearing loss. 

Better headphone technology can reduce the amount of damage we do. As compared to cheap and high decibel sound headphones do. Because I think headphones have gotten better, they will get better in our lifetime.

If there is hope for him, so do I 🙂

Hey, have you ever thought about technology and mythology? We are always looking for ideas, so please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. When it comes to gaming headphones, my first choice is always Razer. I have been using Razer headphones for about 4 years and I never thought of switching to another one. It would be interesting to know if other people can also share their most favorite gaming headphones here.

    1. admin says:

      Yes i also saw many of Gamers on Youtube Used “Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound” (Buy from Amazon) because of its surrounded noise cancelation and amazing 8D Real audio experience <3 i love that

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