Apple Watch 7 Upgrade

Apple introduced its new Series 7 this week, but it won’t come until “this fall.”

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Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 7 , the new iPad model and the iPhone 13 Settings at its virtual product launch event on Tuesday. The new Apple Watch will be released later in the fall and the price will start at $ 399. In addition, the new device will run WatchOS 8 – available on September 20 along with iOS 15 – which brings a larger, more durable screen, new exercise detection options and fall detection capabilities for cycling.

New products come with an additional bonus when you consider the prices of US airlines. All three major operators — Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile — are offering new offerings that allow users to upgrade to 5G iPhones. For example, AT&T offers a discount of up to $ 1,000 for the iPhone Pro or Pro Max , as well as a discount of up to $ 700 for the iPhone 13 and Mini.

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If you plan to upgrade, you can trade with other devices and Apple Watch. There are agreements through major carriers, but we’ll explain how to trade Apple Watch through Apple itself and see how much you can save.

How do I trade my Apple Watch for Series 7?

To trade your watch, go to Scroll down and select Apple Watch from the product menu. Or you can go to the nearest Apple Store and start the process right in the store.

To get a more accurate estimate, both online and online, you will need to enter the watch’s serial number (Apple has this manual to find the serial number), model, and status. From here, you can start buying a new watch and use the credit to make a new purchase. You can also opt for an Apple gift card instead of immediately exchanging an old product for another.

If you agree with the store estimate, Apple will provide a prepaid kit for mailing or the Apple Store. You do not need any accessories such as a charger with you.

When will I receive my new Apple Watch Series 7 and how can I track delivery?

According to Apple, the online trading process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, and the company should receive your device within two weeks of starting the trading process. You can track the trade-in process from your Apple Store account.

If you decide you no longer want to trade on your device, you can simply cancel this process. If you have already submitted or shipped the watch, the store cannot be canceled.

What should I do before trading my Apple Watch?

Before you can trade your Apple Watch, you must disconnect it from your iPhone.

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
2. press the My Watch tab
3. Select the watch name
4. press the Information button
5. Click Unpair the Apple Watch . If you have a mobile model, click delete [Carrier] Schedule
6. To deactivate the activation lock, enter the password for the Apple ID
7. Click Confirm

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If you have already turned on your Apple Watch, you can clear or deactivate the activation lock from Just log in with your Apple ID and select Apple Watch in the All Devices section. Click Clear Apple Watch to complete the process and follow the instructions.

How much money will I get for trading with my old Apple Watch?

Here are the devices and their estimated business values ​​listed on the Apple website:

  • Apple Watch SE : Up to $ 155
  • Apple Watch Series 5: Až 145 $
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Až 100 $
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Až 70 $
  • Apple Watch Series 2: Až 25 $

Keep in mind that these numbers have several warnings. The amount of credit is based on the information you provided about your watch, including its status. If something disagrees, once Apple receives the trade-in, the estimate will be adjusted. In addition, online estimates may not match what you get in the store.

According to Apple, the type of credit also depends on what you buy and how you pay for it.

If you purchase an Apple Watch and pay the full amount, Apple will credit your original payment method up to the total purchase price. The remaining amount will be emailed to an Apple Gift Card.

Can I trade my Apple Watch somewhere else?

Yes. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint offer trade-in programs for Apple Watches and other devices. There are also other sites like Swappa, eBay, Trademore and BuyBackWorld. Because these are third-party sites, we encourage you to read their Trustpilot reviews before making a decision.

For more information, check out everything announced at the Apple Event and the New Design Apple Watch Series 7.

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