Apple iOS 14.8 was released on Monday and a minor update includes a major security fix. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system fixes a vulnerability allegedly exploited called invasive spyware Pegasus which may be able to turn on your phone’s camera and microphone and record messages, texts, emails and calls. (Although your iPhone or iPad is unlikely to get infected, you can check it. Make sure your phone is not infected with Pegasus spyware ̵1; how to do it.)

While iOS 14.7 has brought some useful new features like Support for MagSafe batteries for the iPhone 12 and manage timers on your HomePod , iOS 14.8 is just a security solution. It will arrive just before the iOS 15 is generally available for download on Monday, September 20 (here how to download the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 ), and Apple is bringing the iPhone 13 , the new iPads, and the Apple Watch Series 7 .

Here’s what you need to know about iOS 14.8. Plus, check out everything you need to know about the upcoming Apple iOS 15 update .

How to download iOS 14.8 now

Since Apple has released iOS 14.8 to the public, you should be prompted that iOS 14.8 is now available and ask if you want to download it. Or you can do the following:

1 . Open the Application Institution .

2 . Select General .

3 . Click Software Updates .

Your device connects to Apple’s servers and prompts you to download and install the update. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. When the device restarts, iOS 14.8 starts. (See our full instructions on setting up your phone and downloading iOS 14 here .)

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What devices does iOS 14.8 work on?

Apple iOS 14.8 is compatible with the same devices as iOS 14. Generally, these are the iPhone 6S through the iPhone 12, along with the iPhone SE and the seventh-generation iPod Touch. For a complete list of iOS 14 compatible devices, click here.

Apple iOS 14.8: Security patch and new features

The latest operating software update is only intended to fix a security flaw that could be exploited by Pegasus spyware – it does not bring any new features to your iPhone.

Pegasus was founded by Israeli cyber security company NSO Group with the intention to help governments pursue criminals and terrorists, Stephen Shankland of CNET stated: . In July, however, investigators found evidence of an attempt or successful installation of Pegasus on 37 phones owned by activists, journalists and businessmen – all but three devices were iPhones. This is another example of how vulnerable we are to digital espionage, even with security measures.

Again, Pegasus is unlikely to target your iPhone, especially with the Apple iOS 14.8 fix, but you can check here for sure .

For more information, see the best hidden features for the iPhone we found in iOS 14 . And before you make operating system updates, make sure your iPhone and iPad are ready .

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