hire php developer, abid majeed (prefixseo)

PHP Developer, Self Employed Freelancer, WordPress Development

I love to create content about Technology, Free Social media tools and Informational topics which make life easier.

My Skills at Glance

With a hands on experience of web development challenging projects, I spent my 7+ years of life to polish myself.

Debug / Fix

Bug fixing starts with deep debugging and inside view of code. I find root cause and fix problem in efficient way.

Create Website

It starts with idea, wireframe or mockup provided by customer. it might be an image, Figma illustration or PSD.

WordPress Plugin

Building blocks of WordPress which enhance productivity of WordPress. I build from scratch and also enhance existing plugins.


Usually guide customers about their business growth according to market trends, upcoming challenges and Optimizations.

SaaS Applications

I developed amazing SaaS products, digital products with subscriptions. You can make money while sleeping.

API Dev & Integrate

Custom API integration, like payment gateway, merchant CRM and Third party apps auth. I can do in Laravel as well as WordPress.